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Choosing Jesus over missions

Alyssa LaCourse

This summer, many students are spending the beginning of their summers spreading the love of Christ through ORU missions. The teams formed in the fall have spent the last couple of months growing closer and learning about each other before heading out at the beginning of May. These teams plan their summers around these trips, but what about the thousands of other students who are not going on a mission trip?

I am not going on a mission trip, and I am obeying God.

I have chosen not to go on a mission trip for the past two summers. This is not because I did not want to, but because God did not call me to go on a trip. I would rather stay at home than half-heartedly go across seas blatantly disobeying God.

I am not going on a mission trip, but I am still fulfilling the great commission.

This summer, I have the opportunity to study in the South of France. When I tell people this their first question is, “Oh is it a mission trip?” No, I am just studying French and learning about the French culture. I am however going to be an example of Christ to the French people through my words and actions. My study trip is not explicitly called a “mission trip,” but are we not called to be missionaries in every part of our lives?

I am not going on a mission trip and my salvation is secure.

When I tell people I am not going on a mission trip, I feel judged. They look at me with these judgmental eyes and cock their heads as if they are disappointed in me. Again, God did not call me to go on missions this summer. If God were to call me, I would drop everything and go. My salvation and Christian walk are not based on whether I spend my summer on the mission field.

I am not going on a mission trip and I am brokenhearted over it.

Over the past two years, all of my best friends have gone on a mission trip and I have stayed here.
I have prayed and prayed asking God to send me on a trip, but time after time He has said no, and I have learned how to be content when God says no to your personal plans.

I am not going on a mission trip, but I am having life-changing experiences. No, I am not going to know what it is like to see true poverty or witness the joy found in children across the world, but God is still changing my heart.

My experiences are for me and not for someone else. My world is about to be broadened through travel. I am going to meet people who will change my life in just the way I need it to be changed.

I am not going on a mission trip, but I am still a missionary.

There are lost people all over the world, including Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is a very important concept to grasp. There are people hurting and in need of Christ down the street. Sometimes God calls us to be missionaries where we are. Whenever God calls us and wherever He calls us to, we must go. No questions asked.

Story by Alyssa LaCourse

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