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Date Doctor: The thirst is real

Urban Dictionary states that to be thirsty is to be “too eager to get something.”

When applied to dating, this means that the “thirsty” party is craving attention—maybe even to an extreme.

Something about attending Oral Roberts University and hearing the phrase “ORU is meant for lovers” thrown around makes for a general atmosphere of thirsty people.

Just because you may meet your future spouse at college doesn’t mean you need to be too eager. Let them come to you.

Don’t go around obsessively searching for them, because then you will get a reputation.

Guys don’t like girls who hang all over every guy they see, and girls don’t like guys who follow them around like dogs.

Desperation is not attractive to either sex.

Just let each other breathe.

If you like a guy, don’t fall at his feet and beg for a single glance from him.

Don’t carry his stuff or follow him around everywhere.

Give him space; let him be who he is. If he likes you, then he will make efforts to hang out with you.

Don’t play games. No one wants to follow you around trying to figure out what mental traps you have set up.

Playing “hard to get” is never a good idea. A good guy will pursue you, but you don’t want him to go home and complain about how you are pushing him away.

People want to feel loved, not strung along.

If you like a girl, don’t fall all over her. Get to know her but don’t go throwing money around or begging her to hang out with you all the time.

Wasting all your time and money on someone you barely know shows obsession and will make things


Sometimes being “committed” very quickly can seem cute or attractive, but that is rare.

You just can’t expect it to work for you.

In essence, this premature commitment is nothing but wanting a deeper relationship without first working for it.

Attempting a deep love too quickly is essentially desperation. It’s not noble or just something you do.

Nothing beats getting to know someone and emotionally growing closer to them. Savor the experience.

Wanting to move too quickly with anyone will leave you with little knowledge about them as a person.

Having said all of this, the backbone of everything in a relationship is to be yourself.

If you are a thirsty person, in general, you might have problems dating.

Finally, to all the guys: just ask her out.

Simply obsessing over whether or not someone likes you won’t cause the relationship to go anywhere.

Instead, get to know her, and then ask her out.

It doesn’t have to be on a serious date, but ask her to coffee and maybe a movie.

Guys worry about whether or not a girl likes them too much.

Asking them out is a simple way to get a “yes” or “no,” but guys are too scared to do it.

Instead of worrying about it, just do it.


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