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Don’t waste spring break, or do; it’s up to you

Harley LiechtySpring Break is a wonderful time where you can have no thoughts of school, assignments, exams and annoying classmates. That being said, you may get home for break and think, “Uhh, what do I do now?”

You’ve had your life organized around school for three months, and now you have all this free time. Well, I’d like to assist you by providing some tips for a successful spring break.

Day 1 – Have a rest day.

You’ve been stressed out from the rigors of school life. Give yourself time right away to get back to your youthful, lovely self. My suggestion? Sleep as long into the morning and spend your day being really lazy, i.e. Netflix binge watching.

Day 2 – Spend time with family.

They’ve been missing you and they can’t wait for you to tell them about everything that happened. Okay, maybe not all your parents are “super excited,” but you know, you’ve been gone for some time and if they’re caring parents, they’ll want to see you and spend time with you.

Day 3 – Spend it with friends.

Sure, you’ll probably have fun with family, maybe, but I’m sure you have friends back at home that you’d have a better time with. Just be sure you have someone besides your old relatives to hang out with.

Day 4 – Go have fun at your old stomping grounds.

You know those places back home that you just miss? Like the moment you get there, your heart will be fully content? Well go to those places. Go to your favorite restaurants, coffee shops and parks that you’ve been missing for the last three months. If it helps, make a list of places to go and experience before you get back to campus.

Day 5 – Be adventurous.

For those of you not worried about going home, be adventurous. Go somewhere you’ve never been before, and enjoy a new place in the states. Visit big cities, beaches, the slopes or just wander on a fun road trip. Take part in events that you can brag about to all your friends.

Day 6 –  Take time to do some smart things.

Do some organizational tasks to make sure you’re prepped for the rest of this semester. Find better ways or new techniques to finishing the semester strong. Do something productive. And yes, I realize that none of you will actually do this step, but I’m just saying it so I get a “thumbs up” from the faculty and staff for writing this.

Day 7 – Most importantly, do whatever you want.

Sure, I’ve made some good suggestions, obviously in my opinion, but it’s your spring break. If you want to do nothing the entire week, do it. If you want to work the whole time and make some spending money, do it. Just make sure you enjoy your break and make the most of it. So have fun and come back with great stories to share.


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