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Dream on: an Oracle farewell

Madison McDaniel

Don’t limit yourself. Be expectant. I dare you.

It took me a long time to learn this lesson. Twenty-one years too long, but timing seems to have a way of working itself out.

I used to tip-toe around the idea of big dreams. I would collect only the small possibilities as if one day my collection would transform into value. But it only collected dust. And what seemed like the unachievable, sat before me, waiting for its presence and potential to be recognized.

Yet I continued to grasp at the small possibilities as they swirled aimlessly around me; because they were not meant to occupy my attention, they only served as distractions. I clung to the limited, and willingly placed scales on my eyes.

So it took me my entire life to realize, I could’ve dreamed big, thought big and sought big.

When it comes to “what could’ve been,” the wrinkles of regret usually smooth out over time and anxiety of the past soon becomes acceptance of the future. But maybe that’s what happens when you spend four years surrounding yourself with encouragement and limitless dreams.

Because however many times you hear you can go to the uttermost bounds of the earth, one day you will actually start to believe it. And when you believe, and I mean sincerely believe, the truth of the limitless, you begin to dream of extraordinary things. And then you begin to do extraordinary things.

That’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m ready to dream big. I’m ready to live big. This school is the perfect platform to get to the big picture and the bigger purpose of your life. So take advantage of your time here. Try relentlessly to reach your goals. Take chances, invite inevitable failure and then try again. Make relationships, cherish memories and savor the moments sandwiched between milestones. Go into the uttermost bounds of the earth and discover the enormity of your purpose.

Here at ORU we are encouraged every day. Whether we hear it from a friend, a professor or during a chapel service, we are constantly being told to go into every man’s world and to share the love of Jesus. And sometimes we take those moments of genuine belief for granted.

So listen to those words now and believe them. Believe them with your whole heart and act on them. Don’t settle for the comfortable. Settle for the best. Don’t limit your standards, your possibilities and your wonder. Because when you have limited all of the above, you end up limiting God and his awesome power to take the impossible in your life and craft it into your purpose.

Whatever you do, don’t limit yourself. Be expectant of all that awaits you.

I double dog dare you.

Story by Madison McDaniel

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