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Five things I wish I knew before coming to ORU

Mary Foley 1Welcome College Weekenders.

The transition into a new school is overwhelming for most students. To smooth the bumps, here are a few tips to prepare for the Golden Eagle journey.

  1. It’s okay to figure out how to pay for college as you go.

Many students throw away the vision of attending their dream school because of tuition costs. Outside funding and scholarships can greatly reduce the overall costs of school. There are literally millions of dollars in scholarships made available to students across the nation regardless of classification.Also, additional scholarships can be sought within specific departments.

College isn’t only about the education; it is also four years of personal and professional investment.

  1. Don’t overcommit yourself.

Every department on this campus has unpanned gold, but hold off before immediately launching yourself into every opportunity ORU offers. Rest can be spiritual, and college students are one of the most sleep-deprived populations. Even if you pick up 10 brochures of super cool extracurriculars, I don’t recommend signing up to lead each one.

Investing in relationships is just as important. You may not be the president of the chess club for all eternity, but the relationships you build here will carry with you for life.

  1. Not everyone is the epitome of the perfect pastor’s kid.

In fact, I’m not sure anyone is. Everyone is broken and you’re going to be able to relate to someone.

ORU was the emotional rehab I never knew I needed. Letting yourself be vulnerable will change your life and impact you. I personally recommend you just throw your pride out the window. Be open to whatever comes next, because the smallest details can create the greatest differences.

  1. You’re either going to run or let HPE run you.

I thought a gym class was going to be the easiest “A” I could get at ORU.

Wrong. Each semester, students are required to walk or run the field test. The prime score for males under 25 is 13 minutes and under 15 minutes for females. Each additional 15 seconds drops one point from the 40-point total. Putting this into perspective, in some branches of the military a physical fitness perfect test score is also 13 minutes flat for males and 15:36 for females ages 17 to 21. Talk about pressure.

Your legs being half the length as the gal’s in the next lane can be quite discouraging when your HPE field test time scores are solely based on age, but take heart fellow students. Everyone is in this together, and the semesterly Fun Run will bring bonus points from heaven.

  1. Don’t bring your entire past to your dorm room.

This one brings groans from almost every college student. Think twice about bringing boxes filled with notes of high school past. More than likely, you’ll end up tossing them into the dumpster as soon as you’re here.

Even if your mom asks if she can buy you 26 storage totes before leaving home, wait until you arrive on campus to see what you’ll actually need. Nix the thought of buying an ironing board, unless you plan on DIYing it into a sweet sled for winter.

Hang tight, future ORU student. College is ahead and, you’re in for the ride of a lifetime.

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