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GQ for ORU: Every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp-dressed man

What does fashion mean to a man in today’s world?

A lot of men have let the women in their lives take greater interest in their fashion sense than they are willing to do themselves.

But the times have changed.

In society today, the man who doesn’t have any sense of fashion is perceived as a man who doesn’t care about his personal image.

Fashion is now an extension of who a man is. In the professional world, how a man dresses—much like his work—will be assessed in an interview.

There are many talented men at ORU who can sing, play instruments, dance or draw.All of these things are different ways to express creativity.

However, for guys who cannot sing or draw, fashion can be a creative outlet.

One of the best parts of fashion is finding what you like and making it your own.

Yes, articles can be read and videos can be watched to try and figure out what you should wear; but when fashion is brought down to its most basic form, it’s is all about creative expression.

That being said, you’re still reading this article, hoping for tips or previous unwritten rules of men’s fashion. Here are 3 tips to help you dress well in this upcoming fall season.

 1. Color 

Fall is a season of change, so it’s time to put the bright colors away.

Transition from the bright colors  of spring and summer to darker colors like maroon, navy blue or army green for the fall and winter. 

2. Denim 

This means shirts, jackets and of course, jeans.

There is no denying that jeans shirts are a popular decision in men’s fashion; just look at the worship teams in every Chapel service. 

Denim jackets are also a great layering piece, which is very important come brisk, autumn weather in Tulsa.

3. Fit 

This is something that is important, not only in the fall, but every season.

The way a man’s clothing fits is just as important as the clothes he wears. 

A guy can wear all of the right clothes and follow all of the current trends, but if they are too tight or loose, it can destroy the look. All of these steps are important, but in order to fully grasp the concept of fashion, you have to find what you like and make it your own. 

Fashion is not just for girls  anymore.

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