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How to: Time crunching

Your eyes open as your alarm blares seemingly louder than the volume you set it at before you fell asleep.

You sit up as a tidal wave of appointments, assignments, group meetings, intramural practices and ORU athletic events swirl around your brain. You’re behind the eight ball before you can even brush your teeth.

The adjustment from college to high school can be tricky, but the hardest thing about it is managing your time. And half of managing your time is knowing everything that you have scheduled for that day and even that week.

If you’re anything like me, you have fallen victim to forgetting when assignments are due, missing meetings with sure to be angry group members, and skipping your friend Craig’s soccer game because you forgot. Sorry Craig!

The first step is writing everything down. This is where everyone differs. Some prefer to put it in their smart phone calendar app and that works great for them. For me I never remember to look at my phone calendar so I went to the ORU bookstore and picked up a planner. I write everything in there and it keeps me on track.

Don’t count on your cluttered, nap infatuated mind to remember that your teacher needs those references. Write it down!

The next step is to make sure you get that smart phone, planner or note scribbled on your hand in front of your face every day. If you make a habit of reviewing your schedule at a certain time each day, the likelihood that you will miss something drops significantly. Just remember to read it every morning.

The key to time management is giving yourself enough time to do everything you have planned. If you’re overcrowding your schedule, and often missing meetings or assignments, try not to schedule things so closely. Don’t be the unreliable guy; or girl.

Give yourself time to get to where you’re going on time. The day flies by, so be aware of travel time and get there when you’re supposed to get there. Stay in the habit of being active but don’t overcrowd your schedule and your brain if you can control it. Those pesky mental breakdowns will catch up with you!

Manage your time by writing everything down, getting that silly little planner in front of you every day, and schedule events so you can be there on time. Oh, if you do happen to miss your friend Craig’s soccer match, make sure you apologize and write down the next game in your planner!

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