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In favor of new year’s resolutions

When I ask someone what their new year’s resolutions are for 2019, they laugh and roll their eyes, claiming they don’t believe in new year’s resolutions. But when I ask someone what their goals are for 2019, they stop and think for a minute before responding.

People associate the term “new year’s resolutions” with some grand thing you need to accomplish within that year, like losing weight or making more money. It’s become a scary term turned silly joke.

As you can probably tell by now, I like to make goals for myself to accomplish during the year. In a way, we all make goals for ourselves. You probably have a goal to make it to your classes today, preferably on time, and ultimately you have the goal to graduate. If you’re a freshman, that’s your four-year goal; if you’re a senior, that’s your goal for 2019.

Often times the biggest mistake with making goals is saying “I want to get healthy this year,” or “I want to make more money this year.” That seems extremely daunting because I have no idea what that looks like. So to start off, it would be wise to get more specific.

For example, one of my 2019 goals is to complete an 8-week workout plan. Suddenly, I have taken my giant goal of becoming healthier and made it achievable simply by making it into tinier goals. On the three days a week I workout, accomplishing that workout is my goal for the day.

Most people also think that you have to have some kind of  “get healthy” goal for the year and that is absolutely not true. I always like to, but I was raised as a dancer and with a mindset of living an active and healthy lifestyle. But your goals can be anything.

I used to be terrified of people reading my work, but I knew I would quickly have to get over that fear. I made an ultimate goal of writing for the Oracle and started out by making a small goal of having five people close to me read my work.

Now look at me, I’m an editor for the Oracle. I still get nervous every time I write something for the paper, but my new goal is to be published in every edition, and, so far, I have achieved that goal. I get a little more comfortable with putting my words out there every time.

I used to be one of those people who brushed off making new year’s resolutions because I thought I would never achieve that giant goal. But I changed my mindset and made a game out of it.

Now, my new year’s resolutions are just a series of little boxes to tick off rather than one giant, vague one. I mean, everyone loves ticking off boxes, right?