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Internationals: How to survive Oklahoma’s cold

Photo by Austin St. John
Photo by Austin St. John

Hello, wintertime. It is cold indeed. Oklahoma went straight into winter without further warning than an icy morning after a warm, sunny day.

From here on, days are going to get colder, and layers are going to get thicker. But, as with everything in life, this too is just a season.

For many students who come from warmer countries, this year is their first encounter with heavy winter. Enjoy bundling up, gaining some extra pounds from countless cups of hot chocolate and playing with snow whenever it comes—chances are, you won’t feel like that next year. Get the full experience now before you start dreading winter.

There are some key suggestions for surviving this winter without hibernating most of the season.
It’s all about the layers.

There is no such thing as too many layers, but make sure to use clothes you can easily take off. As soon as you step indoors, heaters will make you sweat. You will be extremely hot by the time you get to class.

Get a windbreaker jacket.

Oklahoma’s winter wouldn’t be quite as bad if it wasn’t for the wind factor, and these jackets are fabulous for windy snow days. Believe it or not, windbreakers actually make a difference in keeping you from feeling the biting cold wind that makes you shiver to the bone.

Cover your extremities.

You probably never noticed this, but your extremities could potentially be hurt if exposed to the cold for too long. Hats, earmuffs, fluffy socks and gloves are a must for this season. The warmer you keep these parts of your body, the better. For many, this is probably the first time you will buy these articles of clothing.

Some students’ wardrobes might not be enough to get through the cold. Back home, you simply don’t need many winter items. Luckily, you are in the United States of America, where you can find clothes for extremely cheap prices. Thrift shopping is pretty popular, and you can find great deals or take advantage of Black Friday and get a great cozy coat. Investing in coats and thick sweaters will bless your time in Tulsa.

Buy hot beverages if you still have Sodexo at this point.

Winter is the perfect excuse to continuously get your favorite warm drink while you commute to your dorm or classes.


Oklahoma is not the coldest state in America by a long shot. Compared to the -11 degree lows in Jackson, Wyoming this week, we are the fortunate ones.

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