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Letter from the Editor: An Oracle Farewell

Just a few short months ago when I couldn’t see beyond my books, tests, papers, homework and job, I asked myself “Do I really need a degree to fulfill God’s calling on my life?” My dad’s voice popped in my head saying, “Alyssa, I did not just invest so much money in your future for you to quit now.”

When we started at ORU, we invested in an education and an experience we hoped would set us up for future success. Like most investments, our education came with many unexpected costs. Whatever you walked through during your time at ORU, your investment has and will pay off.

During our time at ORU, we have had plenty of opportunities to expand our investment. When I was a freshman, someone invested in my writing. He saw my talent hidden behind my insecurity and almost forced me to write for the Oracle. If he hadn’t taken the risk in hiring me, I would have never become the Editor-in-Chief and been able to restore the integrity of the Oracle. If my potential was not seen and acted on, I might not be the person I am today.

Since we were invested in, it is our responsibility to invest in others. Though our time at ORU is short, we can still invest in those at the school. When an ORU student reaches out to you, remember what it felt like to be believed in and fought for. It is your turn to do the same. You might be the trigger to their calling or the stepping-stone to their future. You are their investor.

Take risks with your investment. No one has gotten anywhere by playing it safe. If Oral Roberts had not risked everything he had for his dream, you wouldn’t be reading this. Weigh the costs, but don’t let the costs outweigh God’s calling. He gave us the biggest investment of all time: Jesus, so don’t waste it. You are worth the investment and if you are following His ways, I promise His calling and His kingdom will always have a high return.

In 1968, ORU graduated a mere 98 students in its first graduating class. Here we all are 50 graduating classes later. The number 50 is the number of jubilee, deliverance and fullness. ORU’s year of jubilee took place last year, and graduation is the final celebration of the anniversary. Next year, the cycle begins again as ORU pushes for another 50 years. Seven times, seven years and a year for rest, then the celebration begins. Those 49 years are filled with investment, hard work and pain, but all of that is followed with rest, celebration and joy. The investments you have made here at ORU may take 50 years before they pay off, but I promise your year of jubilee will come.

ORU, it has been wonderful covering news for you over the past few years. Thank you for giving me a chance to find my passion and use it. To my staff, thank you for putting up with my last minute changes, random singing, awful accents and bad jokes. You made this job much easier and more fun. As for me, this Golden Eagle is writing to you for the last time.