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Letter from the Editor: Final Thoughts

Two years. What can happen in two years? Many, many things.

My time as Editor-in-Chief has given me opportunities I never would have had otherwise. I’ve been challenged. I’ve had the chance to lead some of the most talented people I’ve ever met in the creative process that brings you the 20 page book in your hands. I’ve been privileged to give many hours of my time at ORU to the Student Publications office. I’ve been exhausted, but in the pursuit of something I’d choose to do all over again.

In LRC 175, I’ve laughed until my stomach aches and I’ve come to know some incredible individuals. Some have graduated, some will don a cap and gown beside me in a couple of weeks and some will stay behind, working hard in that same process. It’s one of the hardest, most exciting, most wonderful things I’ve ever been a part of. It’s cliche, but I’ve learned more here than I could’ve hoped for. I’m a better writer, a better editor and a better communicator because of the people who have worked over and alongside me. I hope that you, the readers, have enjoyed the Oracle at least a fraction of how much I have enjoyed it.

Haley Gibson has been the most incredible and creative co-pilot I could’ve ever asked for. For the Oracle’s three beautiful section editors, you are unbelievably smart, witty and creative.

I won’t soon forget all the times we were completely unfocused and had deep conversations about anything and everything. Money can’t buy the joy that has come from knowing this team. To all the photographers and writers, I appreciate every moment you spent writing, researching, interviewing and photographing. The Oracle’s design team is full of absolute superheroes and never cease to amaze me. God will use each of them to do unbelievably amazing things; this I am sure of. To the faculty and staff involved with the Oracle, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time and dedication you put in, and thank you for believing in us. It’s the people doing the work that make any of this worth it.

As the semester comes to an end, as a rollercoaster that speeds up when you wish it would slow down, it’s important to drink in the good things. Each of us will go away from this place, and we will be better for it. Take a good, long look at the people God’s given you in this place. They won’t always be there right beside you.

My family at the Oracle will hold a place in my heart for all of time.