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Saying goodbye to my smartphone

I’ve decided that it’s time to kick my iPhone to the curb and buy a flip phone. Retro is cool, right? According to Who What Wear, 70s fashion is making a huge comeback right now, what with all the midi skirts, floral patterns, bell-sleeves and—picture it

coffee shops and Urban Outfitters over the past few months. Here’s the thing though, they didn’t have slim little cellphones in the 1970s—they had bricks with antennas, and the pockets on my boyfriend jeans aren’t big enough to fit that and neither is my purse, so I’ll settle for something from, like, 2007. There are some cool styles from that year—believe me, I can totally remember. with me—flip phones floating around

It’s pretty easy to see that vintage is the new modern, which is why it’s important that I get a step ahead of the trend and buy a vintage flip phone while they’re still relatively affordable. I’ve always wanted a Sidekick, but I think a lavender Razor would probably be cool, too. I’m not picky,

sale right now on these amazing rose gold Razors with bedazzled cameras. I could probably even buy one for my fiancé, because he likes trends, too. Not a bedazzled one, though. It’s not his style. just trendy. Zazzle is having a great

Do we really need cellphones? Coco Chanel lived her whole life without a cellphone and Beyoncé has lived half of hers without one, too—they didn’t suffer, so I probably wouldn’t either, but my mom still calls me every day and I have a relatively involved Instagram following and a high like-follow ratio, so I can’t completely check out. There’s also my blog—I have to drive traffic somehow, and Instagram is full of people who like clothes and Chelsea boots.

The only downfall to using a flip phone is that you can’t download VSCO or Vero. If I used a flip phone, I couldn’t edit my photos on-the-go or read theSkimm updates either, and I save a lot of time by doing both of those things from my phone. Also, what about the 1,200 photos I have in my photo album? I’m not sure that I could get all of those printed, but I could make a super cute online slideshow on my laptop if I separated them all into albums based on general aesthetic. That would be really trendy.

All in all, I think flip phones would be a great trend to revisit, because they’re also environmentally friendly, unlike iPhones, and we all know how important it is to take care of the earth.