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The Missions and Outreach office at ORU strives to serve the kingdom of God both across the world and in our own community.


Outreach is a weekly commitment to serving the hurting, broken and lost in our own city. The office serves to create opportunity for students to participate in the community, and to dig deeper into the bigger purpose in serving.


“I arrived at ORU my freshman year yearning for an identity and place in the Kingdom of God,” said Cody Friedrich, an outreach coordinator.


Friedrich, now a senior, has been involved in outreach for the past four years. During those four years, he has seen the power in serving those in need.


“I was able to help homeless men and women, as well as orphans and young children, learn about the love of Jesus. God allowed me to be someone that could show others the permanent place in Heaven reserved for all of us, if we choose to accept it, thanks to the sacrifice and price Jesus paid,” said Friedrich.“I was able to grasp the concept of no longer needing to strive to earn my own salvation or prove to God that I deserved a place in His Kingdom. God revealed to me that He loves me unconditionally. All I have to do is believe in Him.”


As an outreach coordinator, Friedrich is giving even more of his time to outreach, working behind the scenes to make new opportunities possible for the entire student body to reach the city.


“It’s my hope that other students would come to understand the incredible opportunity presented to them through ORU’s Outreach program. Often, God will speak to us and reveal things to us when we serve, and without [this] opportunity I wouldn’t be the same man I am today.”


Outreach is just getting started this fall for Friedrich, the office and the serve teams, to receive more information on ORU’s Missions and Outreach programs, join us for Missions Chapel on Sept. 20.


“My ‘why’ for this year [would be] to help the student body of ORU see and understand both the need for outreach and Jesus in our city,” Friedrich said. “As well as understand our ability and responsibility as the Body of Christ to fill this need.”