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Taking on the challenge of change

I bid you farewell. This is my last semester here at ORU. In a little over two weeks I will be graduating. This is the most exciting time of my life.

During these last couple of years, I have received the most support and encouragement from you all. With  many of you, I have shared some of the most unique experiences, and I hope to continue these friendships even after graduation.

I have enjoyed my time serving you all from ORU United for Israel to the Oracle. I hope the pictures you come across through the years will spark a sense of joy and excitement.

As time progresses, so does ORU. It seems like there are many changes going on at ORU today. From the new Global Learning Center to the improved Saga, things are changing.  My hope is that the ORU you experience today will be the ORU you remember, even if it is just through the pictures and stories you find in the Oracle; may the memories live on.

Now, I look forward to a new season in my life. My mind goes a million miles a minute thinking about it all. I know right after crossing the stage, there are so many changes awaiting. Literally, the day after graduation I get to marry my best friend and greatest companion. There’s something so comforting about knowing I will never be alone ever again. In the begnning, God was teaching me how to live a selfless life. Since then, I’ve felt as selfless as I could be, until my engagement. Preparing for marriage has made me realize there’s more of myself to get rid of. I am okay with that. I don’t dread the selflessness I must live. I am glad to take on such a task. I have become a better person because of it.

After all ORU, I got a ring by spring and it wasn’t a bad thing.

I will continue to pursue the dreams God has given me here at ORU. May each of you do so as well. Do not be afraid to take on the changes and challenges life brings you, a good opportunity for growth may be on the other side.

May you be blessed in wisdom, favor and prosperity all the days of your life.