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The Struggle: How to wake up for 7:50 a.m. classes

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I know the feeling. You’ve just had a great fall break, full of rest, excitement and a refreshing time with zero thought about school.

Now, it’s Thursday morning, and as you awake to a blaring alarm, you wonder why sensible people wake up this early. Since you’re groggy, you might fall out of bed and maybe hit your funny bone (which really isn’t that funny). As you hit the snooze on your alarm and crawl back into bed, you ask yourself, “Can it please be Christmas break already?”

In the end, most of us inevitably skip our 7:50’s and are lifeless for the first week back.

Yes, the struggle is real, and, sadly, you’ve probably been in this slump since arriving back on campus. Skipping classes, constantly sleeping and not doing assignments doesn’t make the best academic streak. Since we need to get back into school at some point, here are some helpful tips on how to get out of the “fall break laziness.”

1. Skip Netflix
I first suggest you try really hard to not watch Netflix. I guarantee this has been most of our problems this week. We all need our Netflix breaks, but our favorite shows like “Once Upon A Time” or “New Girl,” can’t really get you a job. Resist the temptation, and take a look at the calendar. In just eight weeks, you’ll be running away happy and free into Christmas break. Then, you can catch up on all your favorite shows for practically an entire month. Think about all the crazy Netflix marathons you could have.

2. Utilize Moral Support
Let’s look around for a bit. See all these lovely people you call friends and classmates (possibly)? Yeah, they all feel the same way. So talk about it. As college students, we’ve become really good at complaining to each other about all our first world problems and class/work schedules. Take this opportunity to console and encourage each other that all is not lost. We still have breath in our lungs, food to ingest and motivational posters to read (and for the ladies, Ryan Gosling encouragement memes).

3. Pray
Lastly, take time to pray about it. Yeah, I know, this is such an ORU response. In reality, though, this is a great approach to relieve stress, and don’t think that God only cares to listen to serious issues like death or disease. He cares about everything. He even cares about your struggle to walk a mile just to work out at the Aerobics Center. So, please, let the Master and Creator of everything give you the ultimate pep talk to success.
I sincerely hope this helps, but if it doesn’t, have no fear. It’s literally 50 days until final exams are over, and Christmas break officially starts.
Good luck.

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