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Whistleblower: Flex your freedom muscles in November elections

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Now, I know that some people just read the title and said, “There’s an election this year?” and that’s fine. Government isn’t everyone’s “thing,” and most people don’t follow it on a regular basis.

That being said, there is a big election this year, and I’m going to tell you why, even if you don’t care about politics, you should care about this.

You see, this election season isn’t as flashy as a presidential race, but it might be more important. Every two years, we elect our representatives and senators, who make up the Congress of the United States. Not only is this the governing body which writes and passes new laws, but it is a group of individuals who are supposed to represent us in the national spotlight.

Numerous people have said, “I don’t really follow politics. Politicians are only worried about getting paid or staying in power.” It’s thinking like this that perpetuates the problem. The beauty and genius of a representative government like ours is this: if we, the people, feel that our government is not representing our needs and interests, we can fire them.

The writers of the Constitution knew how valuable this was. Remember, just 11 years before the Constitution was ratified, the United States had been at war with the British. What did they go to war over? The colonies separated from Britain, largely because the King of England and Parliament had ignored the colonists. Even though they were English citizens and paid taxes to the Crown, members of the British colonies were not represented in the goverment.

Imagine how insulting it would be to pay taxes and follow laws without any say in how the government is ran. This is what the Founding Fathers rebelled against. Sadly, this is how many Americans live today; we just do it to ourselves now.

By refusing to vote, stay informed or even discuss politics, we take ourselves out of government. Those who are corrupt or just inept are left in power, and no one is happy with the government.

However, by taking interest in what our government is doing, we can evaluate our politicians and see if we’d like them to remain in power. That means you have the right to say, “I’m tired of these policies. I want someone to fight to change them for me.”

You can tell government that you want the minimum wage to be higher. You can elect people who will stop adding to the national debt. You can hire someone to protect your constitutional rights. You can even contact your congressmen and senators and ask them to make a new law about whatever you care about. That is the meaning of a government “by the people, for the people.”

If you’ve ever said that politics isn’t important to you, please think about this. Things in your life are directly impacted by our government, and you can’t afford to be out of the loop. Every American should find out who their representatives are and what they have done. Decide who you want to be your voice in the government.

No matter who you support, I encourage you to go flex your freedom muscle and vote in this year’s congressional election. A lot of people have died so that you could have the right to do so.

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