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12 Quarantine To-Do’s

Quarantine: the one thing almost everyone has in common. With universities switching to virtual classrooms and social environments dwindling, most students are left in self-isolation or quarantine, wondering what to do with all their spare time besides scrolling on social media. Not to worry; here is a list of 12 student-recommended things to do while in quarantine, when you’re not in Zoom-class:

  1. Funny videos. Student Gaby Garcia has been spending time with siblings making goofy videos and performing funny skits to entertain themselves. 
  1. Car scavenger hunt. Drive around and find fun stuff in the city. Tulsa has a lot of big things, so a car scavenger hunt looking for big items like the Tulsa Driller or the Blue Whale could be an entertaining way to spend an afternoon. Just don’t leave the car. 
  1. Tik Tok pranks. Freshman Lily Johnson is making funny Tik Tok videos where she pranks her parents. It entertains her, her family and everyone who watches them, so it is a humorous way to spend isolation.  
  1. Bake! This one benefits everyone in the house. Here are some simple chocolate chip and peanut butter cookie recipes. 


  1. Learn an instrument. Since there is so much time, it might as well be spent learning or practicing an instrument. Several students are working on their ukulele skills, but if that is not appealing Youtube how to shred the harmonica or bongo drums! (This skill will also be beneficial when quarantine is over.)
  1. Paint. Keeping things artsy can brighten your dull routine. Ashley Jacob recommends painting as an entertaining way to pass the time while isolating. 
  1. Daily hikes. Julia Young recommends hiking as a good daily activity to do in quarantine. A change of scenery is not to be taken for granted at this time. 
  1. Play with pets. Several students are taking this time to show their pets even more love. It does not matter if it is a dog, cat or chinchilla, playing with them lightens an afternoon. 
  1. Journal. Delaney Schafer recommends the book “52 Lists for Happiness,” which provides an interactive way to help cultivate a positive mindset while in quarantine. 
  1. Digital parties. This is a good way to stay connected to friends. Do Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom group calls and have fun! The app Houseparty even lets you play one-on-one or group games while video chatting. There is also Marco Polo, which is a unique video and messaging app, or Netflix Party which lets people watch TV shows and movies together so you can host long-distance movie nights.
  1. Play board games. Gather the quarantine buddies or family and settle in for a board-game marathon. See how many games can be played in one day. 
  1. Sleep. This was hands down the most student-recommended thing to do while in quarantine. So rest up for the time being. There is nowhere to go anyway!