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2017 Battle of the Bands: What to Expect

February is finally here. For some people February means a big pile of barbecue wings and an intense game of football. For others, it’s the time to splurge on flowers and chocolates to celebrate with a loved one. However, for many ORU students, February means the annual Battle of the Bands competition is right around the corner, and the 2017 lineup is officially here.

Student Association’s Battle of the Bands will take place on Thursday, Feb. 23, at 7p.m. in the Global Learning Center. Six bands were selected through an earlier auditioning process including Street Called Straight, Kompany, Miss Lucille, LYLA, Just One Band and The Elsing Museum.

The 2017 Battle of the Bands is as diverse as ever, with music ranging from screamo to Korean-American.

Alan Kline, member of Street Called Straight described his band as “Concoction.”

“We are just extremely random characters thrown into a band together, different in many ways, coming from all walks of life. This has actually led to weirdly good chemistry that we all have with one another,” said Kline.

Street Called Straight was formed through a series of perfectly fortunate events before their first gig at SA’s Hoedown event. Alan Kline, Kyle Ross, Jacob Brallier and Mark Zumpano were a 4-man band until the night before their first audition when Connor Jakovich crossed paths with the band mid-rehearsal. They instantly knew Jakovich was the voice they were missing and performed together the very next day and got the gig. About a week and a half before the Hoedown event, Street Called Straight asked Kline’s former roommate Sam Bowling to join as their bassist.

The Elsing Museum decided on their band name when they realized they are just like the Elsing Museum on LRC 1. Their band is full of rock. The band began with member Elaine Gibson’s desire to make a screamo cover of a song she heard on the way home during Thanksgiving break.

“I texted the six most talented musicians I know and asked them to rate their interest in joining a metal- core band from 1-11,” said Gibson. “I got five 11’s and a 12, and suddenly the screamo band of my dreams was born.”

The Elsing Museum promises a few surprises to leave the audience with a “well-that-was-unexpected” vibe.

If there is one thing that can be promised, it is a diverse mix of music styles that can be enjoyed despite anyone’s background. Their unique stories are a testament to how creative and talented each of the bands are.

“Our set will be very universal,” said Weston Smith of Just One Band. “We have some oldies, some newies, and just some straight classics. So when they hear a song that they know and love, which they will, they can sing along with us at the top of their lungs!”

Come out and support these talented students at the most rockin’ event of the year. Entry is free.