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5 ways you can make saga healthy again

Cue quirky introduction about the student body’s agreement on the saga struggle. They’re trying, so we can too. We still have options, people.

Here are some from a senior who’s seen and tried it all:

1. Make a mean salad.

Yeah, salad, I know.

But hear me out. Grab a plate, load up some romaine lettuce with bell peppers and other like-veggies, and drizzle it with some ranch dressing (you’re allowed to add dressing and still keep it healthy. Don’t let the health nuts shame you otherwise). Ask for one or two grilled chicken patties from the grill and add them to your salad. If there’s some rice at one of the stations, and there usually is, add that in for some fiber.

It’s colorful. It’s delicious. It’s healthy.

2. Ask for your meal without the sauce.

Most meals are pretty healthy until the sauce is loaded on top. Instead of avoiding the full meals all together, just ask the workers for a healthier version of it. Get the chicken alfredo without the alfredo and, boom, 600 calories saved.

3. Replace your routine cookie.

Instead of making your final round back to the dessert table, grab a banana, your preferred fruit or some yogurt with granola. They’re yummier than you remember; I promise. But we can’t be expected to be perfect. Cookies are delicious, and there’s no shame in indulging sometimes. Try eating in moderation by eating only one cookie or even just half.

Baby steps, baby.

4. Eat the right cereal.

In saga, cereal is practically as obligatory as an after-meal mint. And I don’t even need to go into how much sugar is loaded in most of those cereals, and I’m betting you don’t want me to. The healthier alternative is located next to the beloved, often-empty almond milk dispensers, shunned by its sugary nemeses. Both Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios are healthier options when selecting a cereal. I recommend getting the plain Cheerios and drizzling your own packet of honey on top—it adds a good texture and taste. Plus, you get to control the amount of sugar on top.

5. Explore new breakfast options.

Do I even need to tell you to skip the waffle and biscuit bar? My go-to meal for breakfast in the dining hall is two hard-boiled eggs, some oatmeal or grits and yogurt. It leaves me feeling energized and like I did some good for my body. Plus, all that time spent peeling the eggs helps you eat slower.