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8 ways to brighten a friend’s Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not just for couples. Since the 1700s, both friends and lovers of all social classes have exchanged tokens of affection and handwritten notes on this holiday. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to let creativity and thoughtfulness shine. People express and receive love in several different ways. Find out your friend’s love language and choose the perfect “token of affection” to make their day.

1. Create a playlist of songs.

This thoughtful gesture is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a friend who loves words or music. Choose the songs carefully and this gift will say, “I love you, friend,” over and over again.

2. Go out for a cupcake.

For those who love food and quality time, going out for a sweet treat is a great way to celebrate friendship on Valentine’s Day. Tulsa has plenty of cupcake shops and bakeries to choose from such as Kupcakz Bakery, Nothing Bundt Cakes, and Pinkitzel. Practice a Florian Bellanger accent and spend the afternoon trying cupcakes from several shops.

3. Bake a homemade treat.

Baking a favorite treat tells your friend you know what they like and you love them enough to take time to make it. It doesn’t have to be just like their mom’s recipe to make their tummy full and their heart happy.

4. Clean a friend’s car.

This act of service will show you care about the small details of your friend’s life. It’s hard to make time to go to the car wash when school gets busy, and your friend will appreciate you going out of your way to wash their car.

5. Decorate their door.

Getting creative with paper, glitter and tape is a simple way to show some love on a friend’s dorm room door. If a big heart and some glitter doesn’t say, “You’re a great friend!” nothing does.

6. Make a photo album

This Valentine’s Day gift will be something your friend can keep forever. They’ll be able to read the kind words written in it and cherish the memories made every time they open it.

7. Buy them a gift.

Surprise a friend by buying them something they have mentioned wanting during a previous shopping trip. Or think of something else he or she would never expect. This gesture is perfect for the friend who values gift-giving.

8. Tell them you love them and value their friendship.

One of the most meaningful things to do is look someone in the eye and say, “I love you.” Give a friend a hug. Tell them how precious they are. That’s what Valentine’s Day is all about anyway.