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Art club answers the call

ORU Artists will paint a mural at Hamilton Elementary on Sept. 30.
ORU Artists will paint a mural at Hamilton Elementary on Sept. 30.


The call was an answered prayer for Camille Suter, a junior Studio Art major and president of ORU’s art club, ORU Artists. Ever since the art club started last fall, they’ve sought ways to reach out to the Tulsa community. Hamilton Elementary School contacted Suter, for ORU Artists to paint a mural for the school.

“We had been praying for community outreach opportunities. It was really cool that someone contacted me about it,” Suter said.

In the excitement for this project, ORU Artists sees this opportunity as a chance to leave their mark and inspire young minds through art.

“Doing a mural for the school is going to be a lot of fun,” Emily Golding, senior Studio Art major and photographer for ORU Artists, said. “It’s going to bring the joy that comes with color and design to the school yard, and hopefully it will encourage others to get involved in the community in a new way.”

Hamilton Elementary School was looking for artists willing to paint a mural for their school. They were not able to find anyone until Brenda Clay, secretary to the principal at Hamilton Elementary, discovered ORU Artists.

“Somebody recommended ORU,” Clay said. “When I worked in Choteau Elementary School, several of the murals were done by ORU artists, and they were really good.”

The mural will be located in the recess area for the children. The school requested that the mural be inspirational and encouraging for the students. ORU Artists will have the chance to tap into their own creative muse to execute it.

For ORU Artists, art is very powerful; it can make an impact, changing a person drastically and helping them see things in a different perspective. Being able to create this impact is part of the goal for the art club.

The creation of the mural will be on Sept. 30, 2017. The team will be working from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. to complete the project. Suter and a few members of her team will be arriving earlier than the rest of ORU Artists to begin tracing the design that they will be painting.

“I have a heart for murals, because I think murals can be really powerful, especially the ones that have an encouraging theme and to be able to make someone smile is really cool,” Suter said.