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Dorm away from home

Photo by Kayley Forshey

Tapestry or shelf arrangements? White or grey? Snacks or meal prep? Transforming a college dorm room into a home demands new ideas and a creative mindset. Whether a freshman or a fifth-year senior, arranging a living space ushers in new expressions of one’s taste.

ORU students are approaching their second month of school, which generates more and more ideas to add the finishing touches to a dorm room. It gives students a chance to dabble in creative expressions while taking on new responsibilities and stepping into adulthood. With 90 international countries represented on campus, there are endless tastes and styles displayed throughout the dorms.

“The creative aspect of your dorm is my favorite way to express myself and utilize my creativity,” said Dom Demeo, a junior public relations/advertising major.

The strategy is found in wisely budgeting and planning; otherwise, late-night trips to Target result in overwhelming, spur-of-the-moment purchases. It can prove a hunt to find unique items that are cheap, but an organized and well-decorated room is worth the effort. There is no system to maintain a perfect dorm room, but there are plenty of tips and tricks to make the most of a home away from home.

Photo by Cicely Rubottom

Here are places to check out:

The Market at Walnut Creek— unique pieces, small and large

Tuesday Morning— practical items and home goods

The Nest on Cherry Street— cute and trendy decorations

Cherry Street Farmers’ Market— greenery and fresh foods

Do It Yourself:

Use ply wood and twine to craft a hanging shelf.

Make a wreath out of yarn and greenery.

Wrap tulle fabric around twinkly lights.

Fill a memory box with movie stubs and other tickets.


Use mason jars to hold finger foods (almonds, trail mix, etc.)

Use Zip ‘n’ Store to organize Ziploc bags.

Purchase mini fridge sliding drawers to save fridge space.

Hang coffee mugs with command strip hooks.