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Fashion for the morning minimalist

Waking up early in the winter is already a daunting task, but combine that with trying to look cute, and it can sometimes feel impossible. On top of the cold weather and early mornings, picking a fashionable outfit is probably the last thing there’s time for. Well, thank goodness there are many ways to dress comfy and cute.

My go to look when I’m in a hurry and still way too tired is a pair of workout pants, tennis shoes (more specifically, my favorite gray New Balances) with a long sleeve T-shirt. To add more style to this sporty look, just grab a cute vest to go on top and you will be good to go. Depending on how cold it is that morning, you may want to throw on a coat as well, especially in unpredictable Tulsa weather.

To mix things up with minimal effort, it’s a good idea to invest in another pair of workout pants, maybe some with a fun color or an exciting pattern. Or simply switch up the shirt and shoes with whatever workout pants you already have. Add a cute hat to this sporty look as a perfect accessory.