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Food review: Antoinette’s pie night

Photo provided by Antoinette Baking Co.

Normally, I would not be in downtown Tulsa on a Friday evening, especially while it is raining. But on this particular Friday, I was craving some pie.

After parking, I popped my umbrella over my head and crossed the street to Antoinette’s Bakery. People in rain jackets ducked their heads and strolled quickly, coming in and out of the neighborhood shops lining Tulsa’s Art District.

Every Friday and Saturday night from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., Antoinette’s Bakery hosts a “Pie Night.” On these special nights, Antoinette’s serves $5 slices of pie, baking dozens upon dozens until the customers are satisfied.

People funnel in on pie nights excited for dessert, according to the Friday Pie Night manager, Amy Bennett.

“It’s fun to give people something they are excited about,” said Bennett.

Choosing between anything from Butterscotch Meringue to Black and Blue Ginger Lemon with Cornmeal Crumb, I ordered a slice of the vegan lemon raspberry pie and sat down in a booth underneath dim lighting. Other people stationed themselves at the circular tables under a chandelier or at the bar seating by the window.

My pie had over an inch of lemon  filling and on top it was layered with cream and sprinkles of tart, dried raspberries.

But pie isn’t the only thing Antoinette’s serves. They have breakfast, lunch and brunch menus alongside a wide variety of baked goods. They also have a baker who specializes in macaroons, according to Bennett.

“This is about to sound really snobby, but outside of Paris, these are the best macaroons I’ve had,” said Bennett.

While I was enjoying my slice, multiple customers filed in, their eyes brightening at the sight of the unique desserts. Customers picked out cakes lined with macaroons, hefty slices of pie and French-tributed pastries.

On top of Pie Night, Antoinette’s also has “Cake Night” where they serve cake by the slice on the last Thursday of every month. On Oct. 6, the bakery celebrated six years in business with multiple specials.

The street-side bakery is sure to draw in any sweet tooth with its sugary aroma filling the street. Whether you’re craving tasty desserts, chatting with friends or working on homework, Antoinette’s is the place to go.

To keep up with all the new items and specials at Antoinette’s Bakery, follow their Instagram @antoinettebakingco.