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Food review: Good lookin’ 50s cookin’

by Kayley Forshey, photo by Hannah Turner

Old-fashioned diners with colorful walls, neon lights, huge portion sizes, decent prices and retro leather booths are some of my favorite places to eat. I’d never call myself an “old soul” because it’s terribly cliché, but I can’t deny the appeal of the Riverdale-esque, 50s-style diner with burgers and milkshakes.

Tally’s Good Food Café is one such restaurant, complete with a statue of Elvis Presley to greet you at the door. I once again piled my car with pals for brunch. Upon arrival, I threw up finger guns in salute to “The King” and slid into a table under a large, black and white photo of Marilyn Monroe.

Our waitress, one of the many staff members dressed in a bright, pastel t-shirt with Tally’s logo, greeted us with a smile and took our order.

Their menu is extensive. It ranges from all-day breakfast foods to fried chicken with pineapple teriyaki sauce and rice to fancy, homemade burgers to steak and shrimp combinations. With so many options, it’s hard to pick one.

In true brunch fashion, we all ordered breakfast food, and we learned that the Tally’s website speaks truthfully about their portion sizes: they are big. I ordered chocolate milk and the Farmer’s omelette, which was stuffed with hash browns, diced sausage (I substituted for bacon because bacon), green peppers, onions and, of course, cheese. I also ordered a side of pancakes because it’s not brunch without pancakes.

I couldn’t even finish half of my order. Luckily, my friends aren’t keen on wasting food and helped me clean my plate. The omelette was fluffy, cheesy and large, and the pancakes were surprisingly light— a decent pancake if there ever was one.

Overall, Tally’s is great for large groups who are up for cheap food, big portions and a groovy time. It’s totally boss. The next time an unbearable craving for soul food and Andy Warhol artwork hits you, Tally’s Good Food Café has two Tulsa locations ready to bring you the satisfaction.