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Here’s the lineup for Battle of the Bands

Tonight Student Association hosts the 29th annual Battle of the Bands competition at 7 p.m. in the Global Learning Center. Before you go ready to cheer for your peers, here’s an introduction of the bands to take the stage.

What’s Timko

Comprised entirely of music majors, the seven-member band aims to dedicate their performance to the ORU music hall, Timko, before its demolition to make space for a new library, media arts center and welcome center to be built on-campus in the next three years. Only Jesarun Shelton has competed in Battle of the Bands, as a bass player for 7thEden in 2019. All of their songs are written originals they describe as “GarageBand Rock.” Featuring: Tyler Garlett (lead vocals and acoustic), Jesarun Shelton (bass), Michael Neal (AUX keys), Brennen Grimes (lead guitar), Mitchell Spille (drums), Joy Brown (keys and vocals) and Kylie Halter (rhythm guitar).

Al Dente and the Impastas

This five-member band includes Student Body Vice President Garrett Maddox (lead vocals), Tristan Cole (electric guitar), Jonah Bibeau (bass), Nolan Monnier (keys and sax) and one former competitor—Stephen Ottaviano (drums). Ottaviano’s father inspired the band name, and the Italian phrase “al dente” describes the consistency at which a pasta noodle is cooked perfectly firm. Their style is classic pop sprinkled with funk “for good measure.” They would like to dedicate their performance to the letter ‘B.’

Jasper Wilderness

This alternative rock band hopes to “create a space for people to experience music and its many vibes together.” They will perform a mix of covers and original work, one of which, “Cherish the River,” will be available on streaming platforms on Feb. 28. Jasper, or “outsider” is derived from Smoky Mountain English. Half of the members are well-seasoned in Battle of the Bands competitions, including former members of Street Called Straight, toast, Threat Level Midnight, and 2019 winners of Los Caballeros.

The members are Gabriel Phillips (lead vocals), Samuel Bowling (bass guitar), Jacob Brallier (dobro), Kyle Ross (electric guitar), Justin Scott (keys), Caden Ryles (keys two), Jeremy Pelotte (drums) and Nick Bowling (guitar).


What’s something most students may have in common? The satisfaction of payday. This was the inspiration behind the pop band whose goal is simply to “create a fun atmosphere” that students can enjoy together, in the similar way that “everybody likes money.” All six members will be competing for their first time in BOTB, including Dominic DeMeo (lead vocals), Brandon Benjamin (drums), Chavon Rodgers (electric guitar), Shilo Vogele (bass), Aaron Bickers (keys one) and Phoebe Rodgers (keys two). They advise students to “DANCE AND SING ALONG!”

From the sound of it, there’s guaranteed to be some money performances, but the tickets are free—tonight at 7 p.m. in the GLC.