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How to socialize after quarantine

Six feet distance. Requirement of masks. In the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, how can people socialize with all these precautions? We were used to our screens while video calling with our friends and family members. Now that we’re allowed on campus, many of us are struggling with getting back out into the real world.  

 Senior ORU student, Sarahi Perez, was quarantining with her family when the pandemic started and was urgently awaiting her return to campus.  

 “I definitely felt like I needed someone to keep me sane,” says Perez. “I was so used to an active life and then I had literally nothing to do.”  

 Now that she’s back on campus and with her friends, she finds herself holding back her hugs. 

“I just wave real energetic like,” says Perez. “I’m usually giving a big smile, but I’m wearing my mask so they can’t even see it.”  

 Not to worry, young overthinkers. You can still enjoy socializing with your friends. Here are some simple ways to keep yourself and others safe.  


 The Handy-tiser 

When you first meet someone, you want to be as expressive as possible. So, you go through the awkward dance of whether you should elbow touch, high five, fist bump or hug. Here’s the solution. 

 Keep a handy dandy bottle of hand sanitizer in your pocket. Once someone wants to create physical contact, lather your body with a mountain of hand sanitizer. This technique is a two in one combo. It kills 99 percent of COVID in both participants. Watch out for that 1 percent! 


Okay Zoomer

While having face to face conversations is allowed, you should maintain a distance of six feet to be precautious. But why not take it a step further and Zoom six feet apart! Now you can be in the same room enjoying each other’s company, while chatting over Zoom. It’s the perfect solution for those passionate speakers that happen to spit a bit. Remember to keep your computers or phones charged.


Bringing The 1850s Back 

It can be very difficult to stay six feet away from others. In line at Moe’s or Chick-Fil-A, distance is often reduced to three feet. To maintain the distance, let’s bring hoop skirts back.  

 Worn between the 1850s to the 1860s, hoop skirts were used as a women’s undergarment. Their main purpose was to form the skirt into a fashionable shape but it can be multi-purpose. Hoop skirts can have a diameter of nearly six feet so let’s bring back hoop skirts for the sake of safety and fashion. 


 Bubble Date 

ORU is famous for finding your “soulmate.” So coffee dates are very common—and overrated.  It’s hard to have a fun time with your date while also maintaining distance and wearing masks. 

 If you’re able to splurge, buy human bumper balls. Instead of talking about your feelings, run into each other and see which one of you flies back from impact. This activity truly creates an unbreakable bond. And possible head trauma. User discretion is advised. 

 No matter how you socialize this school year, make sure to do it safely. Take the proper precautions such as masks and social distancing. We are blessed to be back on campus, let’s not take advantage of it. Being safe doesn’t have to be boring.