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How to survive midterms and make the most of your spring break

Surviving the week before spring break 

by Kayley Forshey

Spring break is upon us, but before that sweet relief of short-lived freedom, we have one more week. One more week of dreadfully cold walks from the dorms to class, braving the unrelenting wind and geese poop. One more week of assignments and midterms. One more week of hall meetings and clean room checks. One. More. Week. We can make it, can’t we?

As a super-senior just dying to graduate, I’ve been through my share of week-before-spring-breaks. They don’t get easier, but here are a few tips that make the whole process less excruciating.

1. Get the rough stuff out of the way first.

I know, I know, this is the last thing anyone wants to hear, but I promise it’s worth it. Nothing is worse than spending the Friday, or Thursday for those of you who skip Friday (I’m not judging, I’m identifying), doing all your last minute assignments. Homework’s not going to do itself. Sadly.

2. Deep clean your room.

Ever come back from spring break and realize you’ve left a half-empty bottle of rotting apple juice under your bed and your room now smells like sour feet? Yeah, me neither. That’s gross. But to avoid such a terrible welcome-back, deep clean your room. Check under your bed for discarded Ding Dong wrappers and empty Hot Cheeto bags. Wipe your desk down with a Clorox wipe. Vacuum your closet. Do your laundry. I promise coming back to a clean room when our week of freedom ends is a wonderful feeling.

3. Slow down on the Sodexo bucks.

It can be tempting to head to Moe’s and Chick-Fil-A every day, both lunch and dinner, the week before spring break. It’s quick, easy, delicious and while you’re spending all your time studying and cleaning, who has time to scour through Saga for a nice meal? But what about when you come back? The week before spring break is only training for the month before graduation, and you’ll definitely need Hava Java funds for that trek.

4. Breathe easy.

Has anyone else noticed that random “Breathe easy” sign in Saga? Well, it’s a good sign. Good, simple message. Breathe easy because spring break is just around the corner.

You’ll make it. I did.

How to spring break in Tulsa 

by Gabriel Jaggernauth

With spring break drawing near, people staying on campus might assume that there will be nothing to do—but that could not be further from the truth. Tulsa has plenty of things to keep students entertained. Here are five awesome things to do during spring break to keep you from getting bored.

Visit the Tulsa Zoo and check out the wildlife.

If you love nature and the intriguing animals in it, then you will love what the Tulsa Zoo has to offer. With animals such as the Asian Elephant, White Rhinoceros and Snow Leopard to view, in habitats mimicking their natural worlds, visiting the Tulsa Zoo is a sight to behold for any wildlife lover. Plus, be sure to check out their daily segments of Keeper Chats to learn anything you want to know about animals like penguins, sea lions, elephants or any other animals they are talking about on a given day.

Get your game on at Covenant Tulsa.

Anyone into board games or trading card games will love this spot. Located at the Village Plaza Shopping Center, Covenant Tulsa is the self-proclaimed Flagship Game Store of Tulsa and a home to a great gaming community. Covenant Tulsa hosts a variety of fun games with the chance to meet other gamers.  Also, keep your eyes peeled for their many TCG draft and league events for games such as Transformers, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars Destiny, as well as their Sunday night weekly board game meets.

Enjoy bouncing around at Sky Zone.

Love to bounce around? Or want to test your skills? Then Sky Zone is the place for you. Sky Zone is the ultimate trampoline park for anyone who enjoys springing about (how fitting for spring break), but jumping is not the only thing you can do there. The Ninja Warrior course gives you the thrill of being a ninja. Or, if you want to show some grace, try hanging from the trapeze and swinging. You can even slam a friend down with dodgeballs in Ultimate Dodgeball. There are tons of possibilities at Sky Zone. And for added fun, get a group of your buddies together and get a group discount.

Tour the Philbrook Museum of Art.

Any art lover will appreciate what the Philbrook Museum of Art has to offer. The beautiful scenery surrounding it is just a taste of what the museum fully has to offer. Eye-catching art pieces from the 1500s and later can be found here, from detailed paintings to wonderful statues and pottery. Even the garden view can be considered art itself.

Scout out what ORU has to offer.

Despite ORU being on spring break and lacking many students on campus, staying on campus may be all the enjoyment you need for the week. After all, the Hammer will still be open until 8 p.m. every day, and there will be fewer people going for the pool tables or the gaming consoles. Or maybe you need the peace and quiet to get working on your assignments that are due as soon as the break is over, making spring break the perfect time to knock them out while the distractions are minimal. Even if you spend the whole week on campus, there will be things to keep you busy.

Spending spring break in Tulsa is what you make of it, so make it worthwhile. There are always things happening, and spring break is the perfect opportunity to try all Tulsa has to offer.