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It’s all in the details

by Rebeca Muniz and Shekinah Spears

Spring is right around the corner, causing students to wonder, “What should we wear?” It won’t be long before it’s time to make room for warm-weather clothing in your closet. Here is a guide for which winter pieces can continue into your spring attire.

1. Fun pants are a necessity

Whether they are high-waist, bold prints or different fabrics, having a couple pairs of fun pants can always spice up a springtime outfit.

2. Denim jackets are a must

Depending on the occasion, you can dress this look up or down. You can throw on a jean jacket over a graphic tee for a casual daytime look or over a funky jumpsuit for a dressed-up evening look.

3. Simple necklaces add a lot

Go for a small pendant necklace when your outfit needs a subtle accessory for extra glam. It may seem simple, but it can be the finishing touch to an outfit.

4. White sneakers step it up

Some people are hesitant when considering white sneakers, but you can wear them with almost anything because they are so versatile. It does take a lot to keep them squeaky clean, but the outfit results are, shall we say, clean.

5. Hair scarves are still in

These statement pieces were big in the 50s but are making a comeback. They become an essential accessory on a lazy hair day. When you feel like your outfit is dull, add a hair scarf and—vwallah—it’s an instant fix.

6. Culottes are where it’s at

Cozy yet feisty, they are the best type of pants for a warm day. They are fun, cute and stylish. You definitely can’t go wrong with them.

7. Button-down dresses dress it up

These light, flattering dresses are much needed in your spring wardrobe. Whether they are long or short, you can rock them with some white sneakers or heels.

8. Hoop it up

If you think hoop earrings died in the fashion world, you are wrong. They dress up any casual outfit and make a statement all by themselves.

These are just tips to consider when you stock your spring closet so make sure to stick with what you love to wear. You can throw on seemingly simple pieces to make the perfect “chapel day outfit.”