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Join the club, kid

Photo by Xavier Gonzales

ORU Student Association kicked off the first weekend of the year with the annual Partiestival and Club Rush. New and veteran students alike gathered onto the Armand Hammer Center lawn for live music, fun and to gauge the clubs across campus.

However, Club Rush can be overwhelming. ORU has 53 groups and clubs spanning over several interests, from athletics to engineering. With the big crowd and long line of tables, it can be hard to pick the perfect club.

Here are some tips to get the most out of clubs across campus and find the perfect fit:

Try something new.

Club Rush was designed for students to have fun and connect with their peers, according to Landon Walker, operations director for Student Association. He urges students to try new things.

Photo by Xavier Gonzales

“Try anything out,” advised Walker. “Being a new student, it’s important to see where you fit in. Whether it’s for your major or some of the more fun hobbies as well. I think it’s important just to try something new. That is what this is for.”

Clubs are one of the best ways to get to know like-minded people on campus.

Join a club that shares your interests.

Clubs help students connect with people who share the same interests according to Sasha Wells, president of the Caribbean Student Club.

“The friendships you make here can last a lifetime. You never know where you’ll end up,” said Wells.

Photo by Brooklyn Houser

Students should pick a club that piques their interest and also provides new challenges and experiences.

Know your limits.

The time and commitment level of involvement is dependent on the specific club. For the most part, clubs don’t have to take up much time.

“Some of the major clubs put more time into it with competitions, meetings and professional stuff,” said Walker. “But for some of the hobby clubs, it’s more just a group of people having fun together. It’s really up to you how much time you put into it, but the more time you put into it, the more you get out of it.”

Students can find more information or join a group or club by going to the ORU Student Life app and clicking on the section called “Groups and Clubs.”