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Let’s taco ’bout tacos

When I was in Europe, I took a tour of Little India, led by two well-known Parisian bloggers. The bloggers had this theory that you could find a little bit of every country right in Paris, France. Their blog, So Many Paris, although not the most grammatically correct, was dedicated to finding the best food from every country. That was one of my favorite tours of the city, which is comical considering I ate curry instead of crepes. But gosh, was it delicious.

I decided to try out that same theory right here in Tulsa, OK, and while we might not have as many varieties of international food, there are some swell options.

My first experiment? Tacos.

If you know me, you know I’m a person of extremes. When I crave a food, I somehow eat it every day for a week. The week before Spring Break, I inhaled Mexican food at a terrifying speed. And so friends, I bring to you my newest hidden gem of culinary bliss.

Dona Gloria’s, the iced coffee of taco trucks, is cheaper and better than other options. Why would you ever order anything else?

Taco standards high, I pulled up to Dona Gloria’s with a pocketful of doubt. I’ve been to Torchy’s and Don Francisco’s and a host of sketchy taco trucks. I ordered a steak quesadilla with guacamole and Cassandra Garza, fellow ORU student and Mexican food enthusiast, ordered two tacos. The quesadilla was fried and crunchy on the outside, melted cheese oozing out. The steak wasn’t too chewy, and the guacamole was fresh. The tacos received Cassandra’s thumbs-up, a high praise. A vital aspect of a taco is its tortilla, and I know you are all wondering about these. Corn or flour? Too crunchy or too soft? These were homemade, corn and the perfect consistency.

Dona Gloria’s is a food truck, so keep in mind the lack of covering on rainy days. There are a few tables across from the truck that would be perfect for a sunny picnic–get a coke with your order because they come in old-fashioned glass bottles. Dona Gloria’s is parked outside of Nam Hai International Market, and their restaurant is located right across the street on E. 21st St. in Tulsa. Also, go to the Mexican bakery across the street from the food truck after your tacos. Row upon row of inexpensive little cakes and cookies line the wall. If only everyday was Taco Tuesday.