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“Little Women” exceeds expectations

ORU Theater presented the musical version of Louisa May Alcott’s 1865 novel  “Little Women” during this spring’s College Weekend.  Writen by Allan Knee, with lyrics by Mindi Dickstein and music by Stephen Schwartz, the musical was performed four times over the course of the week and delighted audiences with its exciting delivery.

The play tells the classic tale of sisters Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy and their lives growing up in Concord, Massachusetts. Included in their story are the struggles, joys and triumphs the girls experienced while finding their way through adolescence and adulthood. The sisters were portrayed with four unique personalities, brought to life by the talented actresses selected for these roles.

Sarah Gaudet played Jo, the lead role. Gaudet delivered a brilliant performance and smoothly took the audience through the transitions between childhood and adulthood of her character and vividly involved the viewer in the various emotions Jo experienced.

Timothy Conn played Laurie, a close friend of the sisters. Conn portrayed his character with a distinctive excitement and excellent presence.

Slater Ashenhurst played Professor Bhaer, a fond friend and ultimate significant other of Jo. Ashenhurst, who delivered spoken lines and musical lyrics equally well, made this character believable and personable.

“Little Women the Musical” showcased wonderful costumes, with everything from exquisite ball gowns and gloves to the simple cotton dresses with hoopskirts worn by the young women while at home.

The musical performances throughout the play were exciting and pulled the audience into the story with every emotion imaginable. Laughter, tears and smiles could be seen in the audience in each and every act.