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Mask up and get your coffee on


Every season the brand new downtown coffee shop Notion has an original thought-provoking idea  and this months is, “Life is an Art.” To cultivate this idea in their customers mind, they have work from different artists displayed. However, the one thing that sets this coffee shop above—or below—the others, is the underground location. 

“They don’t advertise. You go because you hear it through a friend,” said Makaela Skinner, a senior at Oral Roberts. 

Notion offers a variety of foods—salads, snacks, desserts and coffee. The building itself has a venue available to rent which can hold up to 450 people for weddings, launch parties and more. “I loved the clean, aesthetic vibe. They have many options, including different types of toast and a variety of amazing drinks. Lots of space to work on anything and hang with friends. Definitely will be hanging there often,” said Skinner.

Notion is now a hub for many college students. Head on down to Tulsa’s newest coffee shop—maybe the new and innovative atmosphere will spark your next big notion.


Shades of Brown 

Located in the heart of Brookside is none other than the Shades of Brown coffee shop. This coffee shop is a fan favorite for many young adults because it offers a peaceful, studious atmosphere, local art and music. 

“I love how they incorporate art into the theme of the shop. They are very creative, and I would say their coffee is delicious. The Chia-nana is a must-have for anyone visiting,” said Skinner. 


Nordaggios Coffee 

Right across the street from ORU is the beloved Nordaggios, known better as Nords. With their in-house handcrafted roasted beans, people travel from all over to visit.

“They have a variety of roasts from different regions of the world unique to the shop. I make sure to get my dad a bag of Ethiopian coffee beans when I travel home. It is his favorite, and he’s always happy to have me home carrying a bag of coffee beans in my hand from Nords,” said Skinner.

They offer hot coffee, cold brew, pour overs and the newest refreshers that are made from natural ingredients. Next time you’re needing a little pick me up, head over to Nords for your next coffee endeavor, just don’t forget to wear your mask and practice social distancing as you venture off campus.