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More than just the IT guy

During a routine IT Department staff meeting about an empty desk, Service Desk Specialist Steve Duclos’ mind was somewhere else. God was giving Duclos a vision about the very empty desk they were discussing: the “INFORMATION” desk on the third floor of the GC.

“The vision was for this desk up here to not be just IT, but a desk where we would see miracles, signs and wonders,” Duclos said. “That we would see people worshiping God, and students and people would be prayed for. So right away, when I had that vision, I told everybody what I saw and what was gonna happen, and they all got excited.”

The desk soon became a hub for student questions about technology and the internet on campus, but Duclos took this “help” desk to another level, keeping in mind the vision God gave him.

Duclos sets the atmosphere every day by playing worship music, filling the third floor with God’s praises as students bustle to and from class.
“My desire is that when you come through the doors every morning, that there is a presence, there is an anointing,” he said. “Whether the student knows it or not, it’s going into their spirit man and setting their day and meeting their need. Because you never know what students are going through when they come through that door.”
The Information Desk has become a ministry for Duclos, and he allows the Holy Spirit to move through prayer, worship and community.

“I’ve had visitors come in, and we’ll pray. I’ve prayed for people who have just gotten healed, gotten delivered,” Duclos said. “A guy’s back was in bad shape, and I prayed for him and the next day he came in, and it was all better. Another lady was on the phone, having a serious attack from different things. I noticed that and I took her to the side and I prayed for her. She’ll tell you, ‘Steve saved my life!’”

Duclos’ ministry touches student and faculty lives daily, offering help technologically and spiritually. “He’s [Steve] just a loving, caring and compassionate man of God wanting students to know the heart of God,” said Peter Kovaleski, Director of IT. Duclos’ favorite part about the job is the students; he loves when students stop by his desk for help or just to chat.

“The students that come around, it’s like a magnet, and it just pulls you. They bring life, and this is just a godly place, it’s a place where you can see God work,” Duclos said. “I like coming to work because all my friends are here. When you guys are on break, it’s quiet because all my friends are gone!”