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New club offers support for assault victims

“My mom said ‘God’s going to use this.’ And I couldn’t see it. I didn’t want to see it. I wanted this to have never happened. I wanted to have forgotten the whole thing, but three years later I’m seeing how He is using it.”

Andrea Pisors, a junior Biomedical Chemistry major, started the Sexual Assault Awareness and Violence Education (SAAVE) Club last semester at ORU. The club was created to provide a place for students to find support and discuss topics like sexual assault and consent.

“We’re not only here for victims, but also for people who have questions,” said Pisors. “This club is not only for survivors, but it’s also for supporters and friends, people generally interested in talking about the topic.”

Pisors felt the need to start the club when her friends told her about their situations and the lack of support they were experiencing. Pisors had her own struggles, so she could relate.

“When my first incident happened to me, it was really hard to talk to God after that,” Pisors said. “It felt like the moment that God wasn’t there. That was hard for me because I always felt like God was always there.”

However, Pisors believes God will use her story to encourage others.

“Even in the most horrible situations, God will use it. Even if it’s a story that makes people cry or that people can relate to in a bad way, He’s working in that.”

Matthew Olsen, the Title IX Coordinator for ORU, is the faculty sponsor for SAAVE. He oversees the club and answers any questions they may have.

“People should join the club to say to victims – we’re with you. But also to gain training and awareness,” Olsen said. “When we can draw attention to this and realize there are people that need our support and people that need to became aware of what goes on, it’s helpful.”

Olsen would like to remind students of ORU’s sexual misconduct and compliance policy, which can be found at

“It’s calling out what it is. If you’re able to call it out, then you have power over it,” Pisors said. “This is me taking my story, calling it out and saying here you go. I hope someone follows.”