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New sound takes on campus worship

Campus Worship took on a new sound this Sunday in a special event coined “NuFire.” Both bands Souls A’ Fire and NuVoices stood together to sing and lead the student body in an evening of worship.

“This is a worship encounter,” said Senior Christian Branham. “I think that is the best way to describe it. We have a set list and we have a plan and we are all completely prepared to throw that list out the window. We are open and ready. We are expecting a release of new fire; we are expecting freedom to take place.”

Jay Izaguirre, Alisa Moss and Christian Branham said that NuFire is not a group or a permanent thing but instead is a new vibe.

The idea came about when all thirty singers found themselves in a peaceful room talking in ORU’s music center in Timko, when the idea came to two separate people simultaneously.

Alisa Moss said the way the name came to mind was more than just coincidence. She thought of the name the same time a young man by the name of Albright Dorr, a fellow singer in the group, so happened to have written it on a board when Alisa Moss was silently brainstorming. Alisa says in that moment she knew God was planning something big.

The event is listed as one of the many exciting things ORU has to offer in honor of Black History Month but Branham says it doesn’t stop there.

“It does intertwine with black history, but it’s also about where gospel music is headed in the future and how it involves people of every nation, tribe and tongue,” said Branham. “And that is a good thing.”