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Nintendo releases the new Switch Lite

In March 2017, Nintendo unveiled their newest smash hit console the Nintendo Switch, with over 35 million units sold as of September 2019. With an overwhelmingly positive response, they decided to release a new model with significant changes— introducing the Nintendo Switch Lite.  

The console, released on Sept. 20, aims to be a cheaper entry point for those wanting a Switch. The new console provides an extra hour of battery life and comes in yellow, gray and blue, but is not compatible with Nintendo’s Labo products. The Switch Lite is sturdier and more portable than the original, with the removal of original features like the HD Rumble, the IR sensor and the ability to connect the console to an external output, causing users to buy additional joy-cons that can wirelessly connect to the console.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is selling for $199 and makes for a great entry-level game console. If you want most of the original features with a slightly newer model and longer battery life for $100 less, then now is a great time to jump on the Nintendo Switch Lite bandwagon.

Graphic by Sterling Zoe Rubottom