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ORU student wins the Blazin’ challenge

The Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin’ Challenge is a contest issued by Buffalo Wild Wings where the participant must eat 12 wings drenched in their hottest sauce, the Blazin’ sauce, in under six minutes and without the aid of any liquid to down the wings. The Blazin’ sauce clocks in at around 350,000 Scoville units and the challenge has been known to hospitalize people.

But on Jan 26, ORU Accounting Major, Leonel Guerra took the risk and accepted the challenge. 

Prior to the actual challenge, Guerra was required to sign a release of liability waiver and was given a chance to taste the sauce being used. The sauce was tried by another student in the party, who coughed at the mere taste of it. Guerra described it as “a delayed reaction.” Before signing the waiver, Guerra expressed that he did not feel confident that he would succeed. 

As the challenge started, Leonel began to scarf down wings, clearing at least three wings in a minute. Around the one-minute mark, he noted that he did not feel anything. However, at the two-minute and thirty-second mark, Guerra’s pace began to slow down, and signs of sweating started to show. Around him, Guerra had a party of colleagues supporting him, and even the Buffalo Wild Wings employee joined in. However, at the five-minute and forty-five-second mark, where he had eaten what the group counted as nine wings, Guerra said that “it was really hard to swallow” and his facial expressions showed his struggles. With thirty seconds left, Leonel, according to the employee, had two wings left to eat. With five seconds left, Leonel finished what was counted to be eleven wings. 

Following the end of the challenge, Guerra said that “the hard part is not the heat” but that it was having to swallow, and believing to have failed, stated that he would want to try it on the normal wings before trying the challenge again. He also noted that the heat was felt after his second wing—thirty seconds into the challenge—and was felt mostly around his beard. 

However, the group soon discovered, through the counting of the bones on the plate and footage provided by a member of the party, that Guerra had in fact eaten 12 wings, and one extra wing was discovered to have been placed on the tray, making it a total of 13 wings. The same representative who had kept track of the time and wings from previously was asked to return to recount the wings, where it was confirmed that Guerra, had in fact, completed the challenge.  Guerra was not confident about receiving an award until the representative returned to the table and gave him his prized headband.

In an interview following the challenge, Guerra advised that any person taking up the challenge should train for it, using a sauce that they are slightly uncomfortable with, as well as wings smothered in the three next hottest sauces. Guerra said that he used that as his own training around three times before attempting the challenge. If you want to win the Blazin’ Challenge, take the advice of one of the most recent victors, the champion, Leonel Guerra.