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Pants and jeans: an outfit staple

After trends like fringe purses,  Aeropostale polos and those terrible years when CROCS reigned supreme, fashion gurus worldwide are happy to report that we once again live in a world where jeans aren’t the only pant choice, and khakis don’t have to be associated with school uniforms (even though we’re not quite over that experience).

Take colored pants, for example. Nothing can freshen up a neutral-colored sweater better than some olive green skinny jeans. Add Chelsea boots to finish it off.

For the girls: add a velvet choker if you’re feeling edgy.

For the guys: layer with a denim jacket over your sweater for extra dimension.

Boyfriend-cut ripped jeans are a trend favorite that can be worn on a daily basis because of their comfort and versatility. Styles that pair well with them and are favorites are endless stripes and vintage t-shirts.

For the girls: Step up your style with a bold lip color.

For the guys: Put on a black beanie or solid black hat.

Textured pants in 2017 are the equivalent of vintage concert t-shirts in 1970 when they were just concert tees; they only get better with age, and hopefully textured pants will too! Favorite patterns include—but absolutely aren’t limited to: velvet, corduroy and leather.

For the girls: Acid-wash denim and those Nike high-tops were made for this outfit.

For the guys: Leather jacket time, you James Dean-wannabes.

Fashion gurus everywhere love the trends so far in 2017— here’s to hoping CROCS never come back!