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People of ORU: Nadia Shoot

Curly blonde hair brushes her shoulders. A smile reaches her eyes when she spots someone she knows. She rises with the sun to go for morning runs. Nadia Shoot, a double major in her junior year of nursing and senior year of molecular biology, has studied at ORU since the fall of 2016. Her journey to ORU not only spans across states but also continents.

When Nadia was four, her missionary parents moved from Michigan to China to work with special needs kids for the next seven years. There, Nadia became (nearly) fluent in Mandarin. The Shoot family fostered several kids, sometimes having 16 people under their roof. She described her upbringing as “multi-generational,” as they had people ranging from children to college students. After Nadia’s 11th birthday, the Shoots returned to Michigan. 

Nadia’s parents met at ORU, but she did not see herself here. However, after she received a full scholarship to the University of Michigan, she believed something called her to ORU. 

“Financially, it made more sense for me to go to the University of Michigan,” Nadia shared. “But the Lord has provided different scholarships that I didn’t have at U of M and I’ve made some of the best friends in my life.”

Nadia has also served as a chaplain since her sophomore year. Her chaplainship consists of playing Beauty and the Beast in Mandarin, expelling unwanted crickets off of the seventh floor of Claudius via the elevator and mentoring her girls with peace and kindness. 

She describes her summers with a dreamlike happiness. Sitting in quietness with God, feeling the grass underneath her feet and watching the sunset with her grandparents at their lake house paints the picture of her Michigan summers. 

“There’s less time to simply be [during the school year]. However, I get to be infused in this diverse and close community that’s full of life,” Nadia said. 

Looking forward in her life, Nadia sees herself working in missions. 

“I’ve always had a heart for long-term missions,” Nadia said. “More recently, the Lord’s given me a heart for the inner city in America. I definitely see myself going back to China for a season to work with the underground church there.”

After college, Nadia would like to work in a lower performing high school or with the homeless population in Tulsa. Nearly six thousand people have experienced homelessness in 2017, according to the Community Service Council in Tulsa. 

For Nadia, her heart calls her to wherever she can help and affect people for God. 

“There’s no greater achievement then to give it fully to Jesus in loving him and other people. The world needs you.” Nadia said, “Don’t be ashamed of what the Lord has given you passion for.”

Photo by Jonathan Rodriguez/Oracle