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Meet Tobias, ORU’s new shuttle bus driver

Two-hundred-fifty job applications and one white van later, Tobias Moreland now works as the primary shuttle driver for ORU, transporting students to and from the NEC building and campus. He sees his job as a God story. 

Enjoying travel since a young age, Tobias has visited seven different countries and 48 states since the age of 17. 

“I didn’t have a home,” said Tobias. “I had what most people called a gypsy soul, but God got rid of that.”

Tobias grew up in a Christian home, graduated from Charles Page High School and joined the military. He was deployed to Afghanistan for one tour and soon realized that it is easier to talk about God when bullets are grazing past people’s heads.

After the military, he settled down, but his ‘gypsy soul’ decided to start driving trucks to satiate his desire to travel. Soon after, God showed him other plans for his life. 

“I grew up in a Christian home, but I had my awakening in July of 2014,” Tobias said. “It first hit me when I introduced my wife to the Bible.”

Tobias and his wife have six children, all boys ages one through 12. The oldest two, ages 12 and 10, are stepsons from his wife’s first marriage. He also is the primary caregiver for his grandmother, sister-in-law and nephew. 

Tobias’s wife was a Catholic who only attended Mass on Christmas and Easter, but once introduced to the Bible, her life completely turned around. She introduced the Bible to her mother, who accepted the message, but her father rejected it and insisted she return to Mass and nothing else.

This experience ignited a fire in Tobias. Since then, he has desired to stamp out the “disease of lukewarm Christianity” and to see the church unite and stand for justice. Tobias knew after his awakening that he still was not perfect, but he was determined to live a life for the Lord.

Before coming to work at Oral Roberts University, Tobias owned two trucking companies—one that he ran by himself, and the other through a partnership. His company was thriving while the other was barely surviving when he said God told him to “pack his things and go home.”

“So, I did just that,” Tobias said. 

Tobias applied to at least 250 jobs, but every opportunity fell short. One company called him back—ORU. He accepted the job at ORU and has been working since the beginning of the fall 2019 semester. 

As the sole provider for the family, Tobias is a testimony of God’s provision and joy through difficulty. There were “too many coincidences” of things lining up for him to come to ORU for them to simply be coincidences. Led by the Holy Spirit, Tobias says, he now has the opportunity to encourage students to pursue a relationship with God.

“I enjoy the true freedom of speech here on campus and the opportunity to give glory to God without fear,” Tobias said. 

He and his wife started hosting a Bible study on Sundays, and they invite anyone who wants to attend. For more information, you can call his phone number listed on the NEC Bus Schedule, or visit “Fighting Lukewarm Christianity” on Facebook.

“As it turns out, we are nothing without God. Earnestly seek God, pray without ceasing and pray to God like he’s your mentor, father and best friend,” Tobias advised students. “Rejoice in the good and bad because all things are done to glorify God according to his will. We have power in our testimony.”

Although he is only 28, Tobias has seen and experienced many things in his life. He now believes he is called to minister and hopes to attend school for apologetics. 

“Wherever I go, I will glorify and tell people about Him,” Tobias said. “I am nothing. God is everything.”

Photo by Gabriel Jaggernauth