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Pops of color for fall

Pops of color can be the perfect addition to a fall wardrobe.
Pops of color can be the perfect addition to a fall wardrobe.

In one of my favorite novels, F. Scott Fitzgerald writes, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” Of course, Fitzgerald had a rather different meaning for that quote but, when taken out of context, it’s the sweetest way to describe my favorite season. Fall marks the beginning of cozy sweater trends and—my personal favorite—chic boots.

I’ve always been a neutral-palette type of girl, but I decided that this fall I needed to add a pop of color to my beige, black and blue closet; and so, this beautiful orange H&M sweater joined my fall line-up.

Whether it’s new shoes in a statement color or a funky sweater straight out of Nancy Wheeler’s closet, don’t be afraid to add color to your wardrobe this season! Step out of your comfort zone with some high ankle boots in a herringbone pattern that still coordinates with a neutral-themed wardrobe. You won’t believe how much life a splurge of color can add to your outfit.

Throughout the rest of season, opt for fall-tinted hues like orange, red and dark green that correlate with the season and have the ability to transfer well into winter. In a season bursting with color, add your own little patch of prettiness with a new color to brighten your day.