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Reverb: Chris Young keeps it simple

Chris Young took the BOK stage on Saturday, Sept. 15 as part of his “Losing Sleep” tour. Fans were seen toting their cowboy boots and western apparel as they streamed through the doors to hear the country artist perform.

A very simple stage setup allowed for the focus to be completely on Young’s vocals, which did not disappoint. Chris Young and all of his band members were clad in black or denim outfits consistent with a minimalistic theme. For what lacked in aesthetic, Young made up for with effortless vocal runs and a deep southern drawl that wowed the audience.

photo by Precious Alexander

The concert began with the title track “Losing Sleep” off of his new album, making the crowd erupt. However, the fans were not the only ones excited. In between songs, the singer would stand behind the mic with a grin gleaming across his face reflective of his inevitable joy. He seemed to be enjoying the music just as much as the fans were.

Young captured the crowd early and the momentum continued to build throughout the show as he played hit songs such as “Gettin’ You Home,” “Sober Saturday Night,” and “Who I Am With You.”

No stranger to the Tulsa area, this was the second time Young and his band have performed at the BOK in the last year. As he declared “y’all are a good time” to his adoring fans, it is likely that Chris Young will be back for round three.