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Reverb: LANY plays hometown

From exploring Tulsa as a teenager to strutting onto a stage with screaming fans, Paul Klein returns home and prepares to perform at Cain’s Ballroom, having already sold out the original venue. The city in which he was born and raised now chants his name.

On Friday Tulsa fans anticipate filling Cain’s Ballroom for the album debut of LANY. The concert has reportedly sold out the 1,500 occupant room, which doubles the previous venues booked for the band.

“Due to overwhelming demand, LANY’s Sept. 30 show at Vanguard will be moving to Cain’s Ballroom on Friday, Sept. 29,” states a Cain’s Ballroom report. “All tickets from the Vanguard show will be honored and additional tickets are on sale now!”

In 2015, the ORU alumni toured America and Europe with his band, LANY, and he now returns to a sold out hometown show. The band played 66 concerts in 2015, 111 concerts in 2016, and is scheduled to play 132 in 2017. Fans are falling head over heels for the three young musicians.

“I was introduced to LANY a year ago by a friend, and have since spiraled into a hurricane of obsession,” posted a dedicated fan. “This was my first time seeing them live, and needless to say, it was spiritually moving and life-giving.”

Klein attended Victory Christian School through high school and headed across the street to Oral Roberts University for college.
Other alumni say that Klein was nice and well known during his time at ORU.

Today’s students find inspiration from the growing success of someone who once walked the same hall of mirrors they walk through.
“I remember seeing half of ORU at the Dallas concert,” said Emily Small, a sophomore public relations major. “I’m excited to see how many more people are at Cain’s.”

Klein began pursuing his passion for music with a small solo career until 2014, when he met with Jake Goss and Les Priest in Nashville. The three musicians put two singles on SoundCloud within the first month of playing together. Since then, they have released multiple singles and two debut EPs.

LANY has performed as an opening act with artists Troye Sivan, Ellie Goulding, Halsey and they will be joining a tour to support John Mayer in 2018. Mayer personally asked the band to accompany him for his tour “Search For Everything.” Fans jumped for joy when the band posted via social media, “7 SHOWS WITH OUR HERO.”

The band cannot “Walk Away” so easily from the worldwide attraction they are gaining.

There is no doubt that LANY has grown a tremendous fan base in their short climb to fame. “Teens” and “Good Girls” hold high hopes for the path ahead of the alternative rock band. For now, Tulsa welcomes home their own Klein and his band into a cheering crowd of music fanatics.