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Reverb: Panic! at the Disco performs at BOK Center

Panic! At The Disco took on the BOK Center stage last Sunday night as part of their “Pray For The Wicked” tour.

With a flash of lights and a spray of confetti, the band started off their Tulsa show with a bang. Right away, lead singer Brendon Urie’s wide vocal range was apparent, hitting notes so wildly high it seemed unnatural.

While Urie held the spotlight, he was accompanied by a large band which included (among other more typical instruments) violinists, a cellist, trombones and trumpets. This proved to be the perfect way to showcase their new songs such as “Say Amen (Saturday Night)” and “Hey Look Ma, I Made It.” Along with the tremendous sound that Panic! at the Disco fans have come to love, the vibrant images on large screens that surrounded the stage added to the exciting atmosphere, enhancing the effect of each song.

Even when Urie stripped it down with just his voice and a piano to perform “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” it was clear that his showmanship and ability to unify a crowd was superlative. Clearly Panic! At The Disco has set the bar high for stadium concert performances in this show which will be remembered for many tours to come.