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Reverb: The Ivy Homecoming Show

Shawn Abhari taps the space bar to cue the track playback as he drums his fingers over the desk. The sound to which he’s devoted countless late nights comes to life in his ears. Nodding his head to his own music, he dreams of the future.

In Nov., The Ivy will be headlining at the Vanguard with opening rock and pop bands Space4Lease and Future Tapes. The Ivy is under the music genre of Indie Dream-Pop, which is a more melodious and smoother form of Indie music. The band will be performing their released single Gold and their EP titled Nest Stop in their upcoming concerts, along with more original songs written by Abhari.

“It’s like driving on an empty highway in 1985 right as the sun is going down,” Wyatt Clem, lead vocalist for The Ivy, said about their music. “Then a cop pulls you over, but he decides to not give you a ticket because he loves the band playing on your radio. We are that band.”

All three members of the band, Abhari, Clem and Zack Siddiqui, are originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Abhari writes the majority of the music, plays keys and sings backups while triggering backing tracks. Clem sings lead vocals and shreds the guitar, and Siddiqui plays drums. The compilation created by their instruments is unique, setting them apart from other bands.

The Ivy has witnessed steady growth within their fan base since they formed in April of 2016. They have traveled all around, performing in festivals and showcases, including the South by Southwest Conference in March. The band most recently performed with The Band CAMINO in Oklahoma and Texas.

“Playing shows in Tulsa is unreal. Being able to play the songs I’ve been showing my friends for the last year live and hear the feedback is a really great feeling,” said Abhari.

Abhari and Clem were drawn to the idea of combining electronic elements with alternative music when they began creating music. They tried placing wide synth pads on top of guitars, which happens to emanate a familiar 80’s vibe that sounds very characteristic, according to Abhari. The Ivy stands out to their audience because of the fresh, innovative ways they create music.

“Touring with a bigger artist is definitely a shared dream of ours for the near future, and writing and producing a full debut album is a goal that’s a bit further away,” said Abhari.

The up-and-coming band works hard to balance all of the moving elements in their lives, but they are encouraged by other artists and bands that successfully do so.

The Ivy’s concert on Nov. 18 opens the Vanguard’s doors at 7 p.m. and has tickets on sale for $10. All three members look forward to performing in their hometown for those who feel like family.