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Reverb: The Jonas Brothers reminisced with Tulsa

“Nights, flying down the 10, nearly 2 a.m. happiness begins” were the first words the audience in Tulsa, OK heard as the Jonas Brothers took the BOK stage on Sept 29.

The Jonas Brothers—Kevin, Joe and Nick—started in 2005 and quickly became popular with hits such as “Burning up” and “Year 3000.” They grew in fame when Disney signed them to star in “Camp Rock,” later gaining their own TV shows “Jonas” and “Jonas L.A.”

In 2013, however, they devastated their millions of fans when the three-brother band broke up. Both Nick and Joe began to work on solo careers, while Kevin had two daughters during that time and a short-lived reality show.

Still, age-old fans knew something was missing, and the brothers must have agreed. Six years later they got the band back together and dropped their first single in February 2019 called “Sucker.” Now, they are touring through Feb. 14, 2020—almost one year after their comeback single dropped.

BeBe Rexa opened the concert and got the audience moving to her hits “Call You Mine” and “Monster.” After her last song, the lights blacked out, the stadium dimmed, and there was a prolonged moment of silence as the audience waited in anticipation for the band that captivated their childhoods.

“Rollercoaster” was the first song performed, and the screams and sing-alongs could probably be heard a few miles away.

Each brother wore a distinctive color from head to toe, keeping in rhythm with their album cover and previous performances. Kevin sported deep purple, Joe dressed in hot pink and Nick in a swanky green. They sang hits from new and past albums like “Burnin’ Up” and “Year 3000.” The crowd arguably sang those two with the most passion.

Lights flooded the room and the decorations were extravagant, from the screen to Sky Guys, to cameras floating in large balloon-like structures. All the colors stayed within the brothers’ pastel palette, and fans seemed amazed by the band’s audience walkthroughs and quick outfit changes—keeping them mesmerized throughout the show.

Of course, even with all the bright colors and songs, there were a few parts that hit a little harder.

On the back screen of the main stage, the Jonas Brothers had recorded videos that played in between songs, showing them as adults meeting their childhood selves, seeing who they were and would become. They were touching videos, but by far the one with the best reactions was later on in the show.

Nick Jonas had just come out solo performing “Jealous,” his most successful song that ranked No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2015. Joe then joined him to perform DNCE’s “Cake by the Ocean.” While the audience went wild for these performances, there was one thing missing—Kevin Jonas.

After Joe and Nick finished their song, the stadium went black and filled with a chorus of fans chanting Kevin’s name. Then the screen lit up, showing Kevin meeting his younger self while holding his two daughters. The whole arena filled with claps and cheers, and all three Jonas brothers came back on stage to sing “Come Back” from their new album.

“You know, when we first talked about getting the band back together, my first question was ‘Would anybody care?’” said Kevin.

He paused as the audience went up in uproar. He then circled back to his brothers to continue the show. These moments demonstrated how the three brothers had been held captive by what they were, but were now able to see all the things that had come from not only their band, but the undying love they had for one another.

Many people probably left the show with their ears bleeding and feeling as if their 12-year-old self was walking away with them. But the Jonas Brothers, while putting on one heck of a show, showed us that the past isn’t bad or scary and it isn’t something to run from. You can meet your younger self and say, “I think I know you, would you like to know me?”

Photo courtesy of Billboard