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Short stories class inspires published book

In “The Adventures of Sylvie Sedan,” college student Ginger and her car, Sylvie, are destined to maintain “carmony,” the powerful bond between car and driver. Through their time on the road, the two encourage one another and make each other stronger with each challenge they face.
ORU Alumnus Ginger Gregory discovered her love of writing long before she attended ORU, and many of her elementary, middle and high school teachers doted on her skill with the pen.
“It was something that was always inside of me but I didn’t always know that I wanted to do it,” Gregory said. “Ever since elementary school, I would have teachers telling my mom in parent-teacher conferences that I was a good writer, like I remember in sixth grade, this teacher said, ‘I wish I could write like her.’ That’s crazy.”
Gregory decided to major in writing, and as a senior at ORU, she took JoAnn Allen’s Literary Genres: Short Fiction Writing. She was given an assignment that encouraged students to write what they are passionate about while stepping out of their comfort zone. The idea for Gregory’s book was born in this class.
“It began as a short story, and at the time, I know that she told us to choose a subject that we are really interested in, something that really fascinates us,” Gregory said. “And my passion for driving and love for cars just automatically gave me an idea, like I wanted to talk about cars. I was on my first car at the time, and I still have that car; her name is Sylvie.”
Thus began Gregory’s journey with her book, “The Adventures of Sylvie Sedan,” the main characters named after herself and her first car.
“The adventures of Sylvie sedan is more than a novel, it’s a movement, to see the world through eyes and eyelights,” Gregory said. “It’s a story filled with stories, that take readers on different adventures that two characters, Sylvie and Ginger, have. But they don’t realize that there’s something called “carmony” which is the bond between car and human, and they are the keys to preserving “carmony.”
The book follows these two characters as their success in preserving “carmony” is determined by their success on the road. Gregory ended up self-publishing the book and is currently working on two more, hoping to turn “The Adventures of Sylvie Sedan” into a trilogy.
Current junior writing major and friend of Gregory, Courtney Kleefeld, remarked on how surreal and encouraging it was to walk through the mall and see Gregory’s book for sale.
“It’s weird because it makes publishing seem so much easier,” Kleenfeld said. “I knew her [Gregory] in the stages before she published, and she was telling us all about how she was getting an illustrator to illustrate it, and she was showing us some of the concept art for it before it was official.”
Gregory was able to use every resource available to her and received help from friends and others who wanted her to succeed.
“She also sent us a rough draft to read, and I read the beginning of it and gave her a few tips,” Kleenfeld said. “I thought it was really different in a good way. It was unique and quirky and it felt like something that would definitely be valuable.”
Having now graduated from ORU and becoming a published author, Gregory remembers her time as a student with fondness and gratitude.
“It definitely prepared me by just reminding me to always keep God at the center of whatever I do, and it taught me to be humble. I always remember that if you humble yourself then God will exalt you. And it taught me to always believe that if my dreams are like God’s dreams, then they are really gonna be bigger than anything I could dream. So to just dream bigger.”
Gregory’s book is available online on or, and at these three locations: The Fine Bookstore, Books and Bistro and Victory Bookstore.