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Stay golden, Blue Boy

He’s known as “Blue Boy” on campus, the loudest and proudest at every ORU athletic event and the “official inventor of the leg dab.” At the start of his high school senior year, he memorized every U.S. area code in two weeks, just for kicks. He even coined his own language: Hjeblish [hua-bleesh], which involves a “mix of Latin-language grammar concepts with Russian and Korean phonetics.”

But under his blue Golden Eagle hoodie, he sports a Minnesota wrestling T-shirt with blue paint stains on the collar, which is, perhaps, where all his spirit began.

Jeb Buchanan was born in the small town of Wauwatosa near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on New Years Day in 1999. He has a year-younger sister, a mother who is a lawyer and a father who is a minister. When Jeb was seven, his parents divorced and he moved to Roswell, Georgia.

Jeb was introverted as a child, but following his fifth grade football coach’s encouragement, he began to break out of his shell through wrestling.

Photo by Sterling Zoe Rubottom

“I really like the competition. It’s just you fighting against another,” said Jeb. “My favorite move is called the lateral drop. I’ve almost always gotten a pin whenever I hit that move.”

In middle school, he became an undefeated state champ, 49-0. But Jeb still remembers his first win on the mat back in fifth grade.

“I took down a kid. Double leg take down, you know? Pretty subtle,” said Jeb. “I actually had a bad practice the night before. Coach goes, ‘Jeb, you’re quite the gamer, you know?’ I’ll never forget that.”

Beginning to showcase his school pride in seventh grade, one of his friends started calling him “Jebinator,” and the nickname has stuck ever since. His freshman year of high school, Jeb was recruited by a senior to be one of the “assistant spirit leaders” at Centennial High School in Georgia.

“He wrote in my yearbook, ‘Jeb, it’s your job. You are going to run the school spirit at Centennial for the next three years. Enjoy it.’”

And that he did. Throughout his high school career, Jeb served as the school mascot, a Knight.

“My first game as mascot was crazy. We were down 21 to nothing, and ended up winning 28-21,” said Jeb. “I’ll never forget that game. The whole football team hugged me and said ‘Jeb, you did it for us!’”

Jeb was even named “Super Fan of the Week” by the Atlanta NBC affiliate “11ALIVE” his junior year. He transferred to Alpharetta High School his senior year but continued his pride through the “Rowdy Raiders” spirit team.

Before graduating, Jeb had been accepted to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where his paternal family—six generations back—had gone to school. While he really wanted to attend college in his home state, his mother convinced him to try ORU.

In March 2017, Jeb came to college weekend where Student Body President Titus Schmitt, then-sophomore, was his team director. Both Wisconsin natives, they made an instant connection.

“That weekend he became a celebrity,” said Schmitt. “Everybody’s like, ‘Who’s this Jeb guy?’”

Jeb came to ORU in August of 2017 and hit the ground running, quite literally, as he became a flag-runner for the soccer team.

“I came here and started making an immediate impact with spirit,” said Jeb.

Photo by Jonathan Rodriguez

Anyone who frequents ORU athletic events will recognize Jeb as the hype man in the front stands, cheering on the Golden Eagles through back bends and jumping leg dabs, with his face covered in blue paint.

“The Blue Boy thing started almost immediately after I got here,” said Jeb. “I figured, I got blue paint and everyone noticed I was the loudest.”

Jeb restocks on blue acrylic paint by walking to the Wal-Mart across the street from campus every six to eight weeks.

“I tried the oil-based originally, and it wouldn’t come off for several days. So I tried the acrylic and it comes off easy and it dries fast,” said Jeb.

Jeb is considering running for student body president in his later years as a Golden Eagle. Jeb is currently a finance major and wants to possibly be a financial analyst, “and maybe take a shot at the presidency of the United States” in his future.

With an undying heart for competition, Jeb will always be “quite the gamer,” leaving a blue print of spirit wherever he goes.

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