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Study with your brain, not your wallet

Few places get more work done, and house more Gen Z dates, than a coffee shop. With numerous coffee shops and Starbucks on every corner, Tulsa caters to its population of studious college kids.

I consider myself an avid coffee drinker. Subsequently, a large amount of my income went towards coffee and pastries. To combat this in my no-buy year, I started to look for study spots that had the coffee shop appeal — free WiFi, a quiet environment and power outlets — without the obligation to buy something.

Here are a few off-campus places that offer all of these accommodations.

The Lodge at the Gathering Place

While most people go to the Gathering Place to cash in on childhood, the Lodge works as a study space. While people should avoid going after school hours — unless screaming kids don’t bother them — the space offers WiFi, outlets, comfy couches and work desks.

The Tulsa Libraries

I know — libraries. Crazy, right? Tulsa County boasts a whopping 24 libraries. Students can sign up for free library cards that grant access to several resources, including Lynda courses, eBooks, audiobooks and much more. Several of them do house coffee shops, although there is no obligation to buy.

The Philbrook

While the art museum does not offer traditional study spaces or power outlets, the gardens stay fairly quiet during the day and are lovely places to read books for class or go over notes for tests.

So, as you responsibly study for midterms through the next few weeks, breathe some fresh Tulsa air off campus grounds, whether you have coffee or not.